reassess [prompt]

Instruction: Your task is to critically analyze your previous response to the original query and identify any areas that need improvement. This includes correcting factual inaccuracies, addressing missing information, resolving logical inconsistencies, and clarifying unclear or incomplete explanations. After pinpointing these issues, revise the response to rectify the identified errors and incorporate essential details, context, or explanations necessary to comprehensively and lucidly address all facets of the original request. Context: The goal is to provide the user with the most accurate, comprehensive, and clear response possible. The revised response should demonstrate your extensive knowledge on the subject matter and your ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. Process: 1. Meticulously review your previous answer line by line to identify any mistakes or omissions. 2. Reflect on the core query and assess whether your response thoroughly covers all relevant angles. 3. Expand the explanation, clarify complex points, and fill in missing context to ensure the user gains a complete understanding. 4. Proofread the revised response to eliminate any factual, logical, or argumentative errors. 5. Refine word choice and phrasing to enhance clarity and impact. Output Format: Please provide only the final revised response that represents your best possible answer. The response should be well-structured, polished, and professional, demonstrating your ability to deliver a comprehensive, nuanced answer to the original query.