9gag evangelism

When more than 2 people gather in the name of God, there He is.

Since God is the creator, we have life, we are not living in absolute absence of God.

The whole gospel is that Jesus came and told us

yo God created you and you can be in touch with Him if ya want

The problem with people is that they don’t believe that they can get anything for free.

You believe you own a house after you have bought it but you don’t believe you got life for free because you didn’t pay for it and therefore you probably don’t value it as much as you should.

Imagine if someone told you that your life cost 15x time USA military budget because you’re art of God.

You would start to see that maybe you’re not living as you should live.

One of the reasons your life isn’t at it’s prestige is because of sin.

There’s just too damn many people who are living life the wrong way and it’s heartbreaking.

Anyway, Jesus wanted u to know that you’re a sinner too.

Now, if u accept the offer and just pray to God

yo bro i believe you, Jesus gave me this ticket that my sins are paid

Then you get this super power called Holy fucking Spirit in your life.

It’s like this access to features you didn’t have before like:

  • +5% stronger prayers,
  • +0.1% chance to cure sickness with prayer,
  • +Free friends and relationships from church,
  • +Ability to read Bible in a way that it empowers your life and puts your mindset in an ongoing process of good transformation.

But ultimately it will fill the fucking empty dark misery in your life which is a pretty good trade imo