Linux typewriter setup

Core features

  • Boots straight into text editor - no login, no GUI, no X.Org.
  • Provide syncing (wirelessly to cloud, via QR code a la Pomera, USB key / SD card, email, or whatever)


In Debian Live:

mkdir live cd live/ #lb config #lb config --architectures i386 lb config -a i386 -k 686-pae echo "jed console-setup" >> config/package-lists/my.list.chroot mkdir -p config/includes.chroot/etc/skel cat << EOF >> config/includes.chroot/etc/skel/.bash_login #!/bin/sh # Ted Burke - Typewriter Linux - 9-Oct-2022 # Boot straight into text editor in terminal jed nano EOF mkdir -p config/hooks/live cat << EOF > config/hooks/live/typewriter.hook.chroot #!/bin/sh # Ted Burke - Typewriter Linux - 9-Oct-2022 # Configure console font size echo 'FONTSIZE="16x32"' >> /etc/default/console-setup EOF chmod 755 config/hooks/live/typewriter.hook.chroot sudo lb build sudo cp live-image-i386.hybrid.iso /dev/sdb sudo sync

To-do list

  • Configure GRUB: bypass boot menu, splashscreen?
  • Automatically connect to wifi?
  • QR code transfer of typed text to phone. (Use e.g. fim / fbi to display QR code in terminal?)
  • Boot settings: keyboard layout, timezone, user-default-groups for USB drive access?
  • Modify .bash_login to launch text editor with filename specified?